Solved -Prefer /p/sample.html or sitename/p/sample.html in blogger


I want to know which is good for seo in blogger

<a href=" /p/sample.html"> or <a href="sitename/p/sample.html"> in blogger

I think full blog name is good for seo .Please tell your thoughts. Please tell your thoughts (Good or bad for seo)…:slight_smile:


There is not difference in both but <a href="sitename/p/sample.html"> specifies full url to file whereas <a href=" /p/sample.html"> specifies a file in the current directory.

But will link to same document and both are good for SEO but i suggest you to use the full blog name one :smile:

Hope You Understand And Good Luck :wink:


thanks.i understand your reply .ok good :slight_smile:


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