[solved]Post title problem and post details doesn't show on home page


Hello! I have the blog www[dot]hictales[dot]blogger[dot]com And it doesn’t show anymore the post title and post details like it showed before. Can you guys help me, please?

I don’t know what to do. I searched for class=‘post hentry’ and i didn’t found it. Also the amin problem is becaus ei don’t know what i did bad or were i modified that it happened this “catastrophe” .



Hello, I dont know why this happens.

but here is a quick solution for title. The element it self has style attribute so you have to mess and search up in blogger expansion language. Instead of that use this simple jquery function.

$('.post h3').show()

Now about your description limit. The summary script link back (trying to explain in simple words) Is not present after your h3 in post area… So use jump break and see if it works or not.

And I seriously recommend you to not to use this template because it is a illegal clone of a wordpress theme and there are many defects present in the coding.After displaying the title using jquery you can see the styling still doesn’t appear.



Hello! Thank you for help but doesn’t work.

And about the template it was free… but if you say so then can you please give me a link from where i can take free templates that won’t be ilegal?


Hello. Me again. I changed my template as you told me but is it ok this one?