[Solved] How to remove the title followers gadget in Blogger?


Does anyone know how to remove the Followers title gadget name? I change it to none but I can’t remove it. Do I have to remove a certain code? Will somebody please help me? Here is my blog: averagekpoppermideko.blogspot.com

Here is Blogger Followers gadget codes: You can’t see code, sorry about that.

<b:widget id=‘Followers1’ locked=‘false’ title=‘none’ type=‘Followers’> <b:includable id=‘main’> <b:if cond=‘data:title != “” and data:codeSnippet != “”’>




It’s Simple Just Paste This Code Above ]]></b:skin> In Your Template -

#HTML5 .title {display:none!important;}

It Will Surely Work For You :smiley:


Hello! I place the code above ]]></b:skin> but it did not work. none is still there.


To remove the Followers gadget title, you can follow any one of these ways.

  • Edit the Followers gadget via the Layout tab, make the Title field empty and Save the gadget

  • Other way is to add the following CSS to your blog -

      #Followers1 .title {
          display: none;

Irrespective of the method you follow, your blog should finally look like the screenshot below -

Just a little warning, I checked the currently present CSS in b:skin tag, it seems to have extra closing bracket ( } ) at the end. Make sure to remove it, otherwise there might be issues when adding CSS after it


@PrayagVerma and @Nitishk, guys, tell me- What you are telling him?

He is asking about how to remove followers widget and you are telling how to hide it. :frowning:

@mideko, search for widget followers in your template. You will find these two as classes under attribute and attribute under <b:widget. Remove the whole code from <b:widget to </b:widget> and then save your template.


Then Why He’s Not Able To Remove It Through Layout Section ??


because the <b:widget have locked='yes'. By removing the whole code, the whole widget will get removed.


Okay ! :smiley: But First He Wrote How To Remove The Title ! I Think , He May had change the post content ! :smiley:


Well, his question is still unclear to me. Let him come and reframe the question.


That seems to be a taunt.

and guys He is not He, He is She.


Oh Sorry But I Just Get A Little Bit Angry That Blogger Don’t Read Important Things !

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Oh thanks @Nafees!

I think, she is asking for removing the title of “Followers” widget. So, already, @PrayagVerma has posted the answer. :smile:


Uhh accuse me. I’m a her. BTW, @Shivansh @Nitishk It did not work. The none is still there. All I ask for is how to remove the Followers title gadget name not hide it. There is no reason to come across as rude. You’re suppose to be helpful not rude. Anyways, I’ll try your method @Shivansh and tell you if it works out or not.


Whenever I leave the Followers gadget title field empty and save it. A message comes across saying something like error.

Where would I add this code? #Followers1 .title { display: none; }


Just Remove The Code in Edit Template From

<div class='widget Followers' id='Followers1'>

to Above

<div class='widget HTML' id='HTML6'>

i think you have these code from 1097 to 1144… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


It has been fix thanks to @PrayagVerma. So I don’t need any help anymore.


so please edit the title of this Topic :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


@paaris_sohail Uhh Okay! I already have so please stop commenting