[Solved] How to get full width in blogger pages?


hm. Here it is:



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Useful actually!

Bro we cannot literally help you solve all the small problems. you have to use some common sense.

spoon feeding cannot be done online.

See this google search this could help you:


Shivansh tried his level best but…

Anyways hope your problem is solved!


@Nafees bro
he is still trying on my template but can’t give me a full width in my Pages



@Nafees, what can I do. He has putted this code in his template:

#header-wrapper,#crosscol-wrapper,#sidebar-wrapper,#footer-wrapper {height: 0; visibility: hidden; display:none;}

#outer-wrapper {
   max-width: none!important;


And saying that sidebar is hidden. Even, he own has hidden it!


ok after all you can not explain your problem explain it in hindi/urdu , after all this forum’s sole aim is to help.


@Shivansh thanks a lot bro… finally i got this… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :like:


Hi friends i have the same problem anyone can help me plz :’(


Your blog’s URL?


here my website link bruh ^^

.row {
    margin-right: 0!important;
    max-width: 96%!important;

Put it before ]]</b:skin>


brother i have also other problemes can you helpme pleaseee


Brother would yoou please give me your fb id to add you and ask you for other problems i have please brother help me


If you want any help regarding Blogger then post a new topic so others can answer you.

And as of @Shivansh’s Facebook ID it’s not appropriate to ask it in a topic. You can DM him.

But he is not active on this forum recently so I do not think you will get a reply. But you should DM him so he can contact you when he come back.


Yep. As @Hassan said, post your problem as a new topic. Everybody then will help you. :slight_smile:


Hi paaris, I’ve recently made a blog post on how to make blogger full width that looks good in all screen sizes. I have explained it in a simple way by changing the wrapper sizes and a few other tweaks by the inspection tool and editing methods. Check out the full article here -


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