[Solved] How do I add specific posts to sub menus from my drop down menu?


Before I give more details about the question . Don’t be rude when replying to this topic. I don’t have time for rudeness.

Onto the question, How do I add specific posts to the sub menus from my drop down menu?

For example: Videos ----> Kpop Rants I want to add videos that relate to this sub menu. How would I do this? Do I add them through the post and put a specific label or permalink?

Hopefully, these questions make sense if not sorry. I don’t know how to explain them and I can’t screenshot what I’m talking about since I’m new here. So here is my blog: www.averagekpoppermideko.blogspot.com


Ok so basically you want a link of a specific video in the submenu or a video itself to be appeared in the submenu?


Yep that is what I want. Trying to figure out how to do this.


Just Add a Label on the KPOP RANTS

<a href='/search/label/Kpop%20Rants'>Kpop Rants</a>

and add a label in your post by the name of Kpop Rants… :slight_smile:


Okay! I have a html/javascript gadget.

In this code, where do I add it?

<li><a href='http://averagekpoppermideko.blogspot.com/p/kpop-rants_24.html'>Kpop Rants</a></li>


No Way…

Open A Post/ Create a Post

Put The Title, Post and as your choice.

Add a Label in Top-Right side by the Name of Kpop Rants.

Then where is the html link you provide

<li><a href='http://averagekpoppermideko.blogspot.com/p/kpop-rants_24.html'>Kpop Rants</a></li>

Change it into

<li><a href='http://averagekpoppermideko.blogspot.com/search/label/Kpop%20Rants'>Kpop Rants</a></li>


I didn’t provide a html link. What are you talking about? I just provided the sub menu Kpop Rants code above.


Just Open This Link And See The Result



You Should add them through the post and put a specific label of Kpop Rants


Okay! I have seen it. Also, I having done anything yet. I will let you know if everything works out.


ok . i will wait for your confirmation :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I have try it and everything works out fine.

Just need help with one more thing… How do I reduced the space between the title post name and post? I look on here but couldn’t find any helpful information.