[Solved] How can i change my post font?


Here is my blog smart4lifetime dot blogspot dot co dot id. I just insert a code from Google Font right below . Now, i want to insert the second code “font-family: ‘Lato’, sans-serif;” but do not know where to put it to change the post font. Pleas help me, i am new with HTML and CSS… and i am sorry my english is bad… :slight_smile:


Just search for post-body in the style sheet of your blog and do the changes there.


Thank You for the answer. But i can not find post-body on the tempelate…


open the template editor and after clicking anywhere inside the working area press ctrl+f

search box will open. search it there.


I have done the instruction, but i can not find the “post-body” in style sheet. Here is my blog link: smart4lifetime blogspot co id/?m=1 sorry i can not paste any link in this reply, because it says so :slight_smile:


.post-body { font-size: 110%; line-height: 1.4; position: relative; }

Its there in your template. .post-body The above is the current css styles for post content. You can change and update them according to your requirements.


Maybe i have to use pc besides this old S3 mini phone to edit style sheet. I am sure i will not find any problem to find any code anymore… :slight_smile: Thank You very much NamanKumar… :slight_smile:


No problem! keep in touch! This is for completing 40 characters!


Hi Naman, i have done place that code into it’s place. Now, how can i change the blog post font. it does not seem the font post has change…


I am wrong… Ok, it is done now. Thanks anyway… :slight_smile:


I’m happy that it helped you. Keep in touch!