[Solved] FB like button open download link


Hi there, I found this buttons is very nice. The button hide the like FB button, and when we klik on it, this button opened and we can klik the like button behind it to open the download link. I found this button here http: //goo[dot]gl/XX2aLP it is looks very nice and I want to make that kind of sequences.

The button were below this texts “FREE DOWNLOAD GENESIS FRAMEWORK V2.1.2” :slight_smile:

My question are as follow:

  1. How can I make button like that?
  2. How can I make FB like button like that, so if we klick on it to give like, it will open a download link…?

I guess this will be long explanation but please teach me how to make it.


Its content locker. Try to search on google you will get for blogger .



Woah, thank’s Nafees for the information, you make me easier to get to how I can make it. I will try and looks like I can make it… :slight_smile:


Why you want to make it? When there are widgets available out there. Or if you want to make one customized then use that widget and modify it so you get the basic structure and ideas :slight_smile:


Yeah, that’s right Nafees… thank’s for your advice. With little effort it’s working right now… :slight_smile: