[Solved] Arrange menu in horizontal order in footer


Hi there everyone!

when i created lists in footer menu, they are coming one under one, but not in horizontal order like below

EXample: home about contact

instead it is appearing like below




help on this

thanks in advance

SamaraSsr :grinning::grinning:


will you please show me the code which you are putting?? :grinning:


@SamaraSsr, dear, I have already said you that you should add your blog’s URL on every topic you are going to create. Again, what is the URL?

Well, according to me, the URL is- http://placementsforum.blogspot.in/ and by looking into the footer, I think your problem is solved.


sorry guys, i forgot to mention the query as solved

sorry for that. It won’t repeat again :smiley:


Congratulation! And I hope you will not forget it again. :smile:

P.S. Post title changed, as the query is solved.