SOLUTION: How to Make Non-Removable Credits More Complicated?


Hello Guys. These days, I am seeing that 80% newbie bloggers use other’s designed template and remove their credits. Is it not a bad habit? Well, today, i am going to show you all a way by which, newbie will never remove your credits (if you are a designer like @Nafees and @Templatezy). This trick make the non-removable credits complicated because here, I used javascript obfuscation. So let’s start making the non-removable credits complicated!

Steps are following:

  • Well, as you already know the way to add normal non-removable javascript. We will change the javascript to obfuscated javascript. How? here’s-

  • Firstly, open Notepad and their, paste the following javascript:


Yeah! You have to do some customizations in the above code.

  1. Change CORRECT_CREDIT_URL with the URL of the blog you want to give credits.
  • Change REDIRECTION_URL with the blog URL you want to redirect the blog who removed the credits.
  • Remove the first line (jquery script) if you already have jquery installed in your template.


  • Now, go to JavaScript Obfuscator and paste the javascript that you customized and written on notepad (without jquery script and <script> and </script>):

  • Now, press the violet ‘Obfuscate’ button and copy the resulted code.

Now go to your template and write paste the code you copied under <script> and </script> also put that jquery code if you don’t have jquery installed (in body section).

Like This:

And where, you want to add non-removable credits, use this code:

Designed By <a href='http://CORRECT_CREDIT_URL/' id='credit'>TEXT</a>

Replace CORRECT_CREDIT_URL with the credit url you putted on the above javascript and replace TEXT with the text you wanna hyperlink.

Done! If anyone will change the URL, he/she’s blog will get redirected to the URL you put on javascript above. :smile:

##How to Make it More Complicated?

I think this is enough for a newbie but if you want more complicated method, then here’s:

The trick is- while pasting the javascript you putted on notepad to JavaScript obfuscator text box, put some more javascripts of your template that are important. Like page navigation javascript. So that, if anyone would try to remove obfuscated code, his page navigation widget will stop working! :stuck_out_tongue:

Like this:

Enough For Now!

I hope you liked this method. Share it with you friends so will also got know this. :smile:. Happy Blogging!


LOL :stuck_out_tongue: Great Idea! if someone will mess our work his/her work will also get messed :joy: Great! thanx Shivansh I will include this one in the next Template :blush:


Welcome @Nafees, :smile: ;). This type of scripts are used by big template making sites like template clue, templatify and more. So I invistigated and found this trick. So I shared it here. :smile:

How To Add Non Removable Credit In Template?

Hello, Shivansh! I tried in every way and I could not configure redirection? Can you help me?

Ps - I’m just trying the first part. Pss - This is the template I’m trying: bloggerdelicate . blogspot . com [ New user ]


This does not work for me, can you help?


Hi @Shivansh, Thanks For share it here. Some Newbie already know this trick because when you search for How to Remove the Non Removal Credit in Google . Some where you will get the tutorial to remove this type code. And now days everyone know that the script starts with “eval” belongs to credit.

But obfuscation makes really makes the javascript’s tough to understand ,

Thank You.


thank you for this approach. but what if one deleted the whole line not just changing the href.

in some templates i saw they but only line like this: div id=‘mycontent’ /div and no one can modify or delete the credits otherwise redirection occurs


@GKVish, no friend, you are wrong. In my knowledge, their are three types of obfuscators and one of them I mentioned here.

If you will obfuscate any javascript using this method, the resulted code will start with eval. Means, any obfuscated code. Not just credits javascripts.


Your blog will get redirected to designer’s blog.


Good work!!!

This is what template makers can do for saving their hard-work. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t think so, @GKVish. For one who really want to denied the template designer from this very tutorial he/she will eventually accomplish.


If Someone changes the code with his blog adress, no redirection appear. How can we prevent it ?


I did once this thing in blogger template but he made some kind of script for this if anyone remove his credit link then theme will not function properly. trust me that was very bad day, I added the link again in footer


hello can anyone help regarding the credit issue