Sitemap Error after New Update in Blogger Dynamic Sitemaps


Hi Guys,

After blogger changed its sitemaps to only sitemap.xml I was only having 150 pages indexed but then I followed MBT’s tutorial on how to fix that but after resubmitting the sitemap I got a strange warning notification in my WMT that I havent heared before. Screenshot below. Thanks in advance. @MUHSIN_MOHAMED_PC @Mohammad Please Help


Hi , 1st delete all old sitemap and submit only sitemap.xml only, again try plz


I did that but it is not working :frowning: Please help me @Mohammad my traffic is being affected by this.


@alex_khan Does you made any changes in the Robot.TXT file?


Alexa kindly provide full details when asking a question. At least share your blog URL so that the community could inspect it and help you out. The error that you see seems like a temporary error caused due to blogger servers or it could be any custom changes made by you in the robots.txt file. Share your blog url so that I could help better


I have made no changes in Robots.txt it is is default.


Hi Mohammad I am really thankful for your help, Here is my blog url:


entar /sitemap.xml?page=1 /sitemap.xml?page=2 Sitemap u done :smile:


Hi,thanks for the reply,

But the sitemaps you are providing me already automatically get submitted you can see this by clicking on sitemap.xml in WMT and it will show you these pages there :smile:


Hi Alexa,

Your robots.txt and sitemap.xml files look normal.

Can you kindly share the Post URLS for which Search console is returning a 500 error?

Just to assure you 500 errors are related only to your blog server and this must be a temporary error caused when Google bot is not able to fetech the data it needs. It wont effect your blog’s SERP ranking though.

Since it is just a single warning on few of your URLS, there is nothing to worry. Try resubmitting sitemap and recheck after 48 hours.


Hi Mohammad Thank you for the help,

There are two posts that are showing 500 error in WMT,


I have resubmitted the sitemaps now lets see if it works :confused:

Thank you very much again.


Hello sir i have a issue with site map i submit my url custom domain In sitemap when i post i got 26 submit i was have 32 pots now i have 66 posts but still status same 26 submited 24 indexed. if any solution guide thanks.

google is showing more than 24

this is domain please check


Thank you for this i done before was blogger now moved wordpress…


Hello sir Thank you for Site Map Error solution i have successfully done on Theme Submit



Delet Old Sitemap and add another site with small code changes. If you search like Blogger sitemap code for 500+ urls then u find a website he is giving the good stuff and there you can find the better solution. and He is providing the