Single niche and Multi niche blogs. Which one is better


Hey friends

I can see that there are many bloggers who run a multi niche blog and are not getting much out of it. That’s why I created this topic to help those bloggers. Please tell which one is better out of Single niche and Multi niche blogs? And what are the different problems faced by the both.

According to ME:


I think, single niche blog is better than multi niche blog. But I can’t say that multi niche blog is bad. I think, for a technology interested author, Multi blogging is best. As he can write about Windows, Linux, Android and everything he wanna write. But as you mentioned, SEO of multi-niche blog will be tough. Actually, If the author of that blog have much experience of SEO, then it would not be so tough and the second one, Making money from your blog will be tough. Yeah! this is true, but many bloggers done it and got success and the third one is not 100% true. Getting readers in Multi Niche blog is not tough work if you make you blog categorized. Even, You will get visitors from many niches which is good and many people love multi niche blog. Let’s take an example of the blog ‘Hacking University’. This blog is making money and is a multi niche blogs. It is a multi niche blog.


These terms are often coined over the internet sphere and has been a topic of speech. To create a successful blog , it takes time. May it be Multi or Single niche blogs. It depends on the time and effort you put in. Well, if you are running a Multi-niche blog, you’ll have a hard edge over SEO and creating readership. But, that doesn’t mean Single-Niche blogs are the best. Now a days, people love to grab things at one place and at such circumstances , Multi-Niche blogs are of great value.

  • Sourav