"Simplified SEO" Website Review Required


Hey friends, I kindly request you all to just review my blog at Simplified SEO (SSEO).

My blog is about how to get more readers, become an authority in your niche, and get the attention you deserve.

I don’t have a huge fan following and readers and seriously don’t get any comments and also not too much traffic. But not only me but other also who have read my posts, think that they are really helpfull and are of good quality too.

But now the problem is that I don’t have any audiance of mine, whom can I help. Therefore I request you guyz here to review my blog and give my suggestions on the following topics:-

  • Design Improvement
  • Content
  • Guest Posting
  • Social Sharing

Yes, I know that explaination on points like social sharing is out of the scope of this forum. One can write books and books on such topics, but I request you all to give me such suggestions which will work for me.

Thank you in advance!

Chears! Naman Kumar


1- Design Improvement- You can put FontAwesome Icons Menu: Normally (your)

Menu With Font Awesome Icons(mine):

If you need help, to how to put them, let me know.

2- Social Tricks- I checked and got to know that your blog does not have facebook page, Google+ Page, Twitter Account about your site.

My Conclusion is this, You should collect some traffic from Social Media also.

If you need help how to create facebook page, google+ page and twitter account for your site, let me know.

Editing: In Your about me widget (first on sidebar) you should change the values because these are fake.

Hmm At Last. Again, If you need any help, let me know! :smile:


You can also write guest post on other website! Like My site

If you are interested, then send me a private message


Thumbnail on homepage is…to big I think.


Hi @NamanKumar,

I have some serious dislikes about your blog and I hope you will take it positively.

Firstly, I see you don’t have a Top level domain and that is not an issue at all. I too don’t have it but my blog is much better than those blogs who have domains the simple reason is I have quality contents.

Talking about your blog post contents, They are copied from some reputed blogs. And let me tell you that it is a crime. And is highly hated by all in the blogosphere.

So, the first thing you need to do is stop copying contents from other sites.

Social Sharing: Your social buttons are all having fake numbers, please try to reflect real stats only. Furthermore, I checked your social profiles and you are not making your social media updates perfectly. Write a short excerpt and then share the link to your blog.

Guest Posting: Try to fix your blog first and then think about guest posting.

Design Improvement: You are using a free Blogger template and it is designed quite well. Just fill your author bio And slightly increase your font size to make the texts more readable.

I hope this helps.

  • Rohan Chaubey.


Yeah, but I’m unable to fix it. Need help.


Thank you very much @Shivansh , I’ll work on the points you have mentioned. And actually social sharing values were the default ones that were in the template, that I have applied. Thanks for the review and help.


Thank you @Rohan for reviewing my blog. I have taken permission from the post authors and have given them backlinks in the footer. I am also working on creating and automated post footer author credits widget so that author’s detailes can be given there itself.


You have to do some editing in your template on social sharing valuea. that not effect if they are default or not.


Yeah I’ll do, I very well know that.