Should we use 'display:none" or Conditional Tags for better SEO?


Hi Dear, i often come here with SEO queries. Since long time, no body was there to get exact answer for the questions.

1 Should We Use display:none; Css property OR Use Blogger conditional tags for hiding div sections or h2, h3 tags Keywords ?

2: Does Google Crawl the CSS ‘display:none’ Content?

3: Where and in which situation we should use display:none; or conditional Tags.

Lets Take an example for “Keywords”

Go to >> >> then you will see the top keywords

“Responsive Premium Blogger Templates”

So here i want to display the “Keywords” on homepages but wants to hide it on Post Pages. and display the advertise banner same location on Post pages…

Either i can do it via Css or Blogger Conditional tags…Which one will be right ? Should i enclose the <h2>Keywords bla bla bla bla ,/h2> with conditional tags or display none it via Css on post pages.

Your query will be very important to us. thanks for earlier reply.


@Templatezy search robots see what is available in text form. We can control the display of HTML content on our webpage using scripts and that is the standard way to hide content from the eyes of robots. CSS properties like display:none; or visibility:hidden; hides content from user screen but it does not remove the HTML content from webpage source which remains there and is visible to search engines.

Therefore it is highly recommended to use blogger conditional tags to hide and show widgets or HTML content on your blogs.


  1. Always use Blogger conditional tags for hiding HTML content
  2. Yes robots can crawl content hidden by CSS display none property.
  3. Use the conditional tags for controlling widget display on pages relevant to the HTML content. Show content on a blog page only if it relevant to the page topic.

List of Conditional Tags or Conditional Statements

The following is the detailed explanation of how to use these “if” conditions:


Thank you mohammad I had a similar confusion in mind. Thank you @Templatezy for bringing it up.