Should We block Blogger Default Widgets Script?


I hope everyone is doing good and hope for may Allah give you success in future. let me explain the question . i just want to know, can we block blogger default widget script for better loading speed?

1. if we can block it by using any script, there is any issue with blog Seo?
2. or is that harmful for blogger custom tamplate…



The script URL you shared is the only file that makes it possible to make dynamic changes on your blogger CMS, without it Blogger will not function at all. The blog posts and pages are also entries of a widget called BLOG1, almost everything will be disabled if you delete the script file responsible for executing the function calls.

It is like asking, can we run blogger by actually killing it! :blush:


@Mohammad Thanks for quick reply, but whenever i check my blog loading speed in Google Speed test tool. there is a red caution for this script. so thats why…!! Before asking question me also know that, its a very stupid question but Google Speed Test Tool forced me …!! ask it…!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for reply…


Google pagespeed tool is an automated program without a brain. It is not important to value anything it recommends :slight_smile: