Should this m=1 and m=0 may get indexed or not ? if not then how?


I wanted to update with Images so that one can get a better Idea of what specifically I m concerned about. but not allowed to do so …

Now the Problem is that I cannot find any solution to this …


m=1 and m=0 get indexed in google. I tested it with site: mysitelink .com/ post . html if i allow it from robots.txt

previously one of my site was penalized under duplicate content coz of this.

** So this time I Disallow: /*?m=1 and m=0 in robots.txt file so that crawler may not find and index these pages with m=1 in links**

now my site is over 5000 pages website and now I received Property Health Checks status in GWT … inquiring Is robots.txt blocking important pages? Some important page is blocked by robots.txt. and when I click on the important page it gives me my sites best viewed page with m=1 at the end of the link. I checked for if my site is Mobile Responsive or not it gives error

The requested URL redirected to [ site link . com/?m=1 ] which is disallowed by robots.txt.

What steps should be taken as I experienced that if i let m=1 get indexed, my site will soon get Penalized under copy content policy of google …

Help MBT ! Thanks


No Body Answering :frowning: Plz @Mohammad Bhai reply on this post


This ?m=0 & ?m=1 duplicate problem cause because of using the <link expr:href='data:blog.url' rel='canonical'/> code manually. You have to remove this code. After that under or below <head> code paste <b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/> code. This code will automaticly generate all the necessary tag and solve all the duplicate problem.