Should I Quit Blogging Now & Restart It In Some Years?


Hello Blogger Help Forum Family. :smile:

Today, I want to ask a simple (but not so simple) question- Should I quit blogging now and restart it after some years or months? Actually I am getting frustrated these days because I have to manage my blogging and study together.

And wait… My main question is- Will my blog be able to grow if I stop working on it now and restart working on it after some years?

Waiting for your kind reply.

-Shivansh Verma

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Hello @Shivansh it’s completely your choise to quit blogging now and start it later. But I Recommend you not to quit blogging as firstly you are a good blogger and second that once you leave your blog untouched for some months/years it will become like a new blog with just 10-20 pageviews per day (It’s My Experience) So if you quit blogging probable you will need to do more hard work and it will take more time for google to understand next time what your blog is?.

What you can do is making a schedule of blogging in a day that you will work only some hours for blogging and some for education. Even i’m also a student but i manage my time as a result i’m able to focus on both blogging and my studies :smile:

Always Remember Blogging is a Passion not just a money making machine!

Hope You Understand Now :smile: And Good Luck :smile:


Hmm. It will become as a new blog. I know… But will it be able to grow again?


Yes It Will Be Able To Grow again only if you work 2x more hard than you are working now! :sunny:


And If I create a new blog after some years, normal working is fine?


If You Will Create A New Blog Then You Need To Do 4x More Hard Work Then You Are working now! So In That case you should continue with the old Blog :smile:


Its the Same what happens with me! Remember one thing dude “We love our passion but when passion turns into business we hate it .” Any ways you’re not earning now and that’s actually good! You have worked very hard for your blog in the past and If you leave it then it will not grow! just for a example when you plant a seed and water it everyday one day you see that some part is coming out and you stop watering! will it grow now? NO! the same is with you just work on it and you will get fruit but remember studies first! I recommend you to study hard first and then when you have some free time after studying you can use that time for building your passion!


~Nafees Khan


The main problem with the bloggers like you @Shivansh , @ngtechzone and others, think that they have to do more more and more.

You need to write more. You need to leave more comments. You need to focus more on Twitter. You need to link out more to other bloggers.

Every second blogger thinks the same. And this creates the real problem. You think that:

You just need to stop watching television or pick up a time management book and plan your schedule to give more time to blogging.

Oh dear, those thoughts are dangerous. Not so much because they are wrong as because they seem to make sense. The answer isn’t doing more. It’s doing less. I’ll be explaining you more via PM.


Yes @NamanKumar I really agree with your words infact i do everything in my life including blogging. And you think that i just focus on blogging ?? if yes then your wrong as i only update my blog when i feel that i have nothing to do!! :smile:


No you didn’t get me. And please don’t mind what I said. Its not that your are giving extra time in blogging. But according to my views about your blog, I think that you are not giving proper time to the thing which is more important. Posting every next day, will not get you anything. I hope you understand. :smile: See you in PM.


YOU CAN USE BLOGGING ONCE IN WEEK make a scheduled post on Sunday it will not affect on your study than you will more focus on study than blogging


Guys its just a simple thing. This year, I am studying in 9th class and I want to get good percentage and after 10th, blogging is ON! That’s why I am thinking to quit blogging for 1-2 years to give more concentration to study and what do you think? I will quit blogging completely? I can never. I will continue learning blogging, computer languages and helping here. I am only thinking to stop posting on my blog because writing a 500 post is not a big deal but thinking something unique everytime is hard but not too hard, it require some time. So, the important suggestions or solution I want from you is about:

Will my blog be able to grow if I stop working on it now and restart working on it after some years?

I got some related answers from @ngtechzone and @Tariq_aziz and @ngtechzone, I also seen that 10-20 pageviews per day on my previous blog [PFCI Tech! (because I have not deleted it but just installed a redirection script)].

@NamanKumar, can you share your experience on what was happened when you had stoped working on Blogging Easier and also, what happened when you started working on it? And, on working which blog you enjoyed most- Blogging Easier or SEO Simplified?


@Shivansh i Recommend you to Quit Blogging not Fully. It is not necessary to be active all those days at blogging. You can Give focus on your study. You can Post Content on your blog if you have Holiday Weekends and Free Times. Like Sunday, or You Can make your Visitors Keen by Not Posting For long time which might help you in Increasing Subscribers Too…

Keep Doing On at Your Weekends but Not at study Times.


Happy Blogging !!


Bro…don’t ever think to quit blogging if it is your passion. If not then you can leave it and start it after your studies get over. :smiley: