Should i Pay To Google Business


I Earlier Signed up for Google Business and Have Domain Emails which is awesome and i Installed Google Apps For Work {Service} . I Dont know after that or Before That it is Asking For Payment. I don`t Have Earnings. What Should i Do. Will my G mail Stop Working after 30 Days. Or Will My G mail Work .

Please Answer @Mohammad


@ishworgiri The service will stop on its own. But your Gmail will continue to work.

With every domain you purchase, you get at least one free e-mail id with a custom domain.


Really… And What about Other Gmail Id i have registered on My Google Business


Your id with "" will continue to function.


That even Works If i don`t have Google Business. i mean to Say that

i have email like

will i be able to access it


I know it works Lol… How can you continue to enjoy a paid service without paying for it after you complete one month trial?


This is just Because google apps service trial has been expired so for now continuing this service google asks for payment for the continuation of google apps I mean like Gmail for business which you use!


Thanks @Nafees @Rohan For your Kind Words… Thanks for Giving me Info


BTW if you want to use custom email I think so ZOHO provides it for free take a look


Then How can i use it For Adsense…

I need it for adsense