Should I Make a Twitter Account For My Blog?


So after reading post on MBT about Google indexing tweet in real time, should I making new Twitter account for my blog :question: .

I already have my personal Twitter account, should I change my personal account to my blog account or make another account special for my blog :question: Can’t we simply promote our posts on our personal twitter account and instead of creating a new account. Can we treat Twitter accounts for blogs just like we treat Facebook Fan Pages?

Actually I’m confused :confused: with my own question :laughing: . Waiting for your best solution dear sir @Mohammad and of course all member here too :blush:


Yes @Mad, You can. Popular Bloggers Like @Mohammad, Yaqoob (Blogger Yard) Created there account for blog.

I have also created an Account for my blog. I have filled bio with description and in tweets, My latest post’s link and some about them.

You Can Also Create an Account for your blog and name it as your blog name. If you need more help, let me know.


Actually we all think that we can easily drive traffic from social media websites. We see other popular and professional bloggers having a great community on Facebook or on twitter but will it be helpfull for us at the stage when our blog is just growing ? A big question mark, we don’t know whether social media promotion of our blog at its initial stage will be effective, will it seriously get us some readers or just it will get us some few clicks and will be a time waste. But actually it is just a time waste only. When we don’t have many blog readers who regularly check our website for new contents, social sharing is just a waste. Popular bloggers do this because they have readers and social sharing will provide them much of traffic. So I’ll advise you to first stick on your blog and promote it through personal meeting or via emails. Don’t focus much on having followers on your twitter page. Please read this post of John Morrow at Boost Blog Traffic. It will seriously help you. Specially this section :

“Dumb mistake #6: Splitting your focus between your blog and Twitter or Facebook”


Hi @Mad, Interesting question indeed. I too read that post on MBT written by @qasimzaib.

If you have your personal Twitter account then you can still share your blog posts there and when a user will type a query and if at all your tweet is relevant to appear on the search engine, your tweet will be shown. So, you can continue with your personal handle and you can share your posts.

On the other hand, if you create a Twitter handle especially for your blog it would be great. Twitter handle for your blog can be used to extensively promote your blog whereas your personal handle can be used to promote yourself as well as your blog.

To summarize, I suggest you to have two twitter accounts one for promoting yourself and one for promotion of your brand/blog.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:


@NamanKumar & @Rohan have opposite statement here :astonished: now i’m getting moooreee confused :confounded:

Maybe @Rohan is right, I still can share my blog posts on my personal account with some tool without making new account for my blog. Then with some tool i got, I can still focus on my blog.

And maybe @NamanKumar was right too, recently, I’ve always focused to share my blog posts to social media and social bookmarking etc. And maybe I should focus to get some readers first rather than thinking to create a new account for my blog.

Well guys thanks, I really appreciate all of your reply here, thank you very much. Here some cookie for answering my question :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:


Yep, You should definitely do that. :slight_smile: :sunny: