Should I make a Niche or Micro-Niche Website?


I wanted to make a website regarding English grammar, but a guy told me that I will face problems in earning money from it. So, I searched some topics and found “Health and fitness” is a good niche. Now, I want to ask you guys that should I make a niche website on “health and fitness” or make a micro-niche website like weight loss, nutrition, healthy foods etc. I want to a make a website which has a lot of useful content, and I personally think that I can’t do it If I choose a micro-niche website as the topic is very specific. The whole idea of making a website is to provide useful content to people and earn money as well. As I haven’t started working on any website, so you can give me some topic ideas which you thing are better.


@Faizan Absolutely you can create Micro-Niche Website related to what ever you can , But you must remember that , A blogger or website developer never make money with in Days . It consist of Daily Handwork .


thanks a lot for your reply. I know a lot of hard work is required and I am ready for it.


If I tell you about the old SEO Vision which is said by experts is that " Multi Niche Sites or Blogs doesn’t Perform Well in Search Engines" althrough it can be true.

But today is the era of Social Media Marketting and you can get even 1000’s of page views from social media if your content is good and useful.

So it doesn’t Matter that you are going to make a micro or a multi niche blog. The Content must be good and Original.

Always Remember that “Content is the KING”

Happy Blogging!