Should I include hreflang tag inside html of my Blogger Blog?


Hi , should I include hreflang tag inside html ?Is is necessary gor good serp? I have a blog and it contains subject that consern only Greek people and it’ s about wooden floors ! The tag is

Any ideas appreciated !


If your blog is written in a single language and it has no other version written in some other language then you don’t need to add the hreflang for language and regional URLS because blogger species your blog language already in the <html> as lang=‘en’ or lang=‘es’ whatever your blog content is written with.

More details on this page:

:link: How to use hreflang?


@Nick i already read your blogs … It’s written on another language . By writing an english version of that , You can put the “hreflang” . That will increase your blog traffic double than now .


Thanks for your answers .I made this blog to be read by Greeks, I am posting my work with it


off course yes and you can add href lang tag on this way. Ref. website

go to the blogger template option and click edit then paste below code in the section of your blogger template.

In the above code just replace from your URL. Green color highlighted character “en” is used for English Language and Blue Highlighted characters “US” is used for country United States you can change these characters according to your country and language.


Recently as per your demonstration put that tag at the head section but still in my International Targeting stating"Your site has no hreflang tags." Then what is the reason behind that?