Should i hire writer for my new blog?


salam and hi all… I created my new blog and i want to work on it as a professional blogger by sharing high quality content on it for this i am confused should i hire experienced writer or instart write aericle ownself ? I dun have extra skills of writing like writers but i can write, i want traffic on my blog and its only possible if i have good content means seo friendly …share your suggestion please


do you want hire a writer it is a good idea but the most important thing why dont you learn How to write unique article you know one thing whenever you write anything you will do your best and whenever any other person will write only for money not from heart and soul i told you both thing i am also weak in writing because every one can not write an article but now days i am reading articles this is the best way to learn how to write an article dont mind what was in my mind i have shared


Hi @Juni_Shah, I am sure you are quite aware of the importance of quality content. Below are some tips which will help you to be a better writer/blogger:

  • Learn the correct rules of Englsh grammar. [Most Important].
  • Read other professional and popular blogs. Eg: MBT. While reading try to catch their writing style. And explore your own style.
  • If you are a non-native English speaker so you can take help of online/offline Grammar tools to correct your writing.
  • Join forums and communities online where you can learn to write and interact.

If you wish to hire a writer then you must check his writing skills first or else your precious money will go in vain. Advantages of Hiring a writer for your blog:

  • You will get to publish posts regularly even if you are busy.
  • While the writer concentrates on the posts you can work on SEO, promotion and marketing of the content.

Qualities you should look for while hiring a writer for your blog:

  • See if he/she has a conversational writing tone.
  • Check if the person has a unique style.
  • Find out if he/she delivers you great content in a fixed time frame.

The above lists are not comprehensive in nature. There can be disadvantages too of hiring a writer. It is always better to write posts and interact with your readers yourself. But if you are really very busy with your other ventures so you can opt for a professional writer.

~ Rohan Chaubey.

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i agree with you rohan you explain him very well


Awh! @Tariq_aziz, Thanks for saying that. I am glad I was able to convey my thoughts and suggestions properly. :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Thanks tariq and rohan bro for explanation


You’re most welcome @Juni_Shah. Let us know if you have some further queries. :smiley:


Hi @Rohan

Its Nice, Brief Info for newbies. I Suggest to Start a new post with Same Content. so everyone can have a look on such nice article.

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Hi @chinnilax (Sandya), That is really nice of you for saying that. I am so glad that you found the explanation so good that you suggested me to post it in an another topic.

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