Should I create a blog on two different topics?


I have a blog, on which I publish articles about blogging. My main topic is blogging but I want to share articles also on the topic of technology as Android, Windows etc I want a suggestion that should I do so? And please tell me that will this act affect on the blog’s SEO?

  • You can do this but i suggest you that post only articles related to blogging and SEO on this current site.

  • Make a new blog which domain shows relevant niche to Information Technology.

  • So the new blog will get its own niche with Android / Windows / Laptop / Mobile / Reviews / Technology News / Gaming Reviews / Apple iOS and more solutions


Your idea sounds good but I don’t want to create two blogs at a time because I can’t pay my attention to two blogs. It’s difficult for me because I’m a student and part time blogger, not a full time blogger.


Hi @saadwasil, You can surely have a multi-niche blog. But SEO can be a tough job if you are doing so. The advantage can be, you will get readers of varied types - People who are interested in blogging and other group will be interested in Technology.

You might face difficulty during startup but eventually I am sure you will succeed. Blogging addicts might not like getting e-mail updates for technology and Tech lovers won’t entertain posts you write on Blogging.

It is ultimately you who need to strategize your blog in such a way that you successfully handle both the niches. So, multi-topic blogs have advantages as well as disadvantages. I suggest you to look at the brighter side and take up what you are passionate about. Good day!

-Rohan Chaubey.


We do share android related stuff on mbt and also technology but only when the content relates to blogging and webmasters in some angle. As long as you maintain the relationship between the categories you can stick to a single niche but if will post all stuff on tech and all stuff on blogging then it surely makes no sense for both ranking in SERPs and winning credibility in readers eyes.

Such blogs never survive longer and never succeed in building Readership.

I am so against publishing on variable topics that I often emphasize authors on my blogs never to repeat this mistake again.


Pros of One Blog with Many Topics

The largest advantage of this model is that you will have a very strong domain, since it will receive the link juice from all the different topics and content channels. Over time it will become relatively easy to rank for keywords because of the high trust that the root domain has. That is why websites like Wikipedia or Digg rank so well in Google.

Another advantage of this model is the unlimited potential for expansion. Provided your domain is a generic one, you will be able to add and remove topics over the time without needing to rework the brand.

Cons of One Blog with Many Topics

The main disadvantage of one large blog covering many topics is the fact that it will require a huge amount of time, energy and money to become successful.

Why? Because you would need to shape it as a content portal. That means that you should have a design that supports the portal structure, different channels inside it, and different writers to keep each of the channels updated regularly.

Trying to do a content portal by yourself and with no investment would probably yield mediocre results.

I hope it will help. Happy blogging :heart_eyes:

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It is better you to focus on niche
Example : If your writtiing articles related to Technology then write all article related to Technology
Example : If you are writting article related to Farming then write all other articles related to Article

Writing article about both the content on one site will lead you to decrease your traffic