Should I apply for adsense on my blog Blogging Easier


Hello friends, I’m blogger at Blogging Easier. I have 295 email subscribers and having a nice traffic. I’m also running a free review requester service with the help of which I’m able to build 1500 backlinks without building them on my own. Till now I have published 38 posts. So after telling you the stats od my blog, I would like to ask you all, that should I apply for adsense at this stage. Please also give a short review of the blog.

Thank you in advacne. Keep in touch.


Subscribers and backlinks are not really taken into consideration. The blog is mostly judged on traffic, navigation, usability, content, user experience, and similar.

If you feel you have got unique and relevant content and it offers value to the user you must apply.

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Thanks brother for answering. Hope others will also think the same.


Its nice to hear that question, and coincidently I had asked you about the same a day before. Well yes for Adsense, you just need (in General)

  1. Responsive blog Template,
  2. 15-20 blog posts minimum.
  3. Few Organic Traffic
  4. 4 Imp pages: About-us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and Contact-us.

All you need is those 4 points (atleast), and you kinda accomplished all of them. Let me know if you want any more details regarding Adsense Approval :smile:


Thank you very much for answering. I’m happy to see you here on the forum. Hope you like the environment here. Feel free to ask anything and everything. Happy blogging!


I Loving It, Its really awesome and happy to solve some queries which im much familiar. And some of my queries getting solved. Thanks again for your Kind invite


Hi @justin, Are you sure having 15-20 blog posts is the minimum requirement criteria for AdSense approval?


Yes @Rohan , you can get adsense approval with 15-20 posts. I had got approval for adsense with 14 posts only on a niche blog. My friend have tried even with 3 posts and Damn Approved. So posts 20+ is legal to be in safe side. Because once you get rejected, its bit harder to get approval soon, since you are in blacklist in front of google. Hope that answers you. Any more queries , feel free to ask !!


Exactly. Instead of opposing your previous comment I wanted to politely ask for an explanation. Because they is no such guide which states how many posts should be there on a blog to get the AdSense approval. Thanks.


I do not think it`s the right time to apply for Adsense. Keep Calm and Take Your Time for Making Your Blog more Comfortable and Best Personalized theme by Yourself. @NamanKumar have Best 50 Contents. And You can Apply for Adsense

Regards, Ishwor


Thanks buddy, for the answer. What do you think, if you have to give score to my blog from10, on the basis of user experiance, how much will you give.


I can Rate Your Blog at 7/10. i am Author too so +1


So what do you think, what shoul I do to improve it.


As a Author of Bloggingeasier. I would like You to Bring some Improvements Over Customization. i can See Now your Blog got Stuck after loading Slide Show. not Other Contents. So Improve It anyway. Older One Was Awesome ,


Yes. I agree. Your blog loads too slow @NamanKumar and have some issues in responsiveness. Because yesterday I had opened your blogger blog (Blogging Easier) from my android and got some javascript errors. So try to improve it. :smile:


okay sure. I’ll look upon that issue. Thanks for the advice.