Should i add two property in Google search console


1st Question

Google Search Console show me a message “Add all your website versions”. So i have added two property in search console of my custom domain



Did I do the right thing? What’s Your Suggestion?

2nd Question

What should i select for Preferred domain? There three options

  1. Don't set a preferred domain
  2. Display URLs as ``
  3. Display URLs as ``
Please guys help me



I was also upset when I add my site to search console. I had to search in the internet, but was not found satisfying answer. All the answers were different.

I have added only one url ( and select for preferred domain.

Today, I also want to know about this… But who will tell ? I think that all experts are too busy !!

Mohammad sir please help us.


16 days passed, zero expert reply, is this really a HELP FORUM ? :bikini:


Nitishk, Rashid

Will you reply of this post?

I would be very grateful if you could help me with this query :relieved:


Shivansh, have you added two property in search console? have you set preferred domain?


You should use @ before the name, so that, I would get informed that some mentioned me.

By the way, as I’ve seen this post just now, so after doing some research about this, I will publish it on my blog because many of my subscribers to want to know about it. :slight_smile: