Should backlinks be marked as dofollow in a round up post?


Hi Bloggers,

I was researching on how to write a round up post by collecting the best available resource articles on a particular topic of my niche. During my analysis, I found many bloggers provided do-follow links to those external links they were referring to.

Is it a best practice? Is there any harm providing back link to those sites?

Thanks in advance for the answer. :smile:


Hello @mydailylifetips yes providing dofollow links to sites where you are referring is a good practice because the if you are using is another one so should give them some contribution either by giving a link or write a link saying “Special Thanks To-site”. The Main Reason behind this answer is that suppose if you copied a post and pasted it in your blog then if the author of original post gets knowledge about it he can report to google as a result your blog can be marked as spam so by adding the link i thing so he will not do that. Hope You Understand The Importance Of Giving Credit To Others. :smile:



Thanks @ ngtechzone, for your quick answer.

Yes, I do feel the same thing but just want to get confirmed. :smile:


Hi Santanu,

Round-up posts are those which are the collection of content written by other contributors. The best practice to follow is give proper credits to those who have contributed. After all our intention is not to steal their content rather publish it as an ultimate resource.

Some suggest to give do-follow links to the sites from where you picked the content so that they can be favored by Google.

However, it is upon you to decide whether you would like to pass the juice or not. Hope this helps!

~ Rohan.


It depends what your definition for Round-up post is. If you are re-sharing a web development tutorial, web application, top-10 lisiting, script or an algorithm or a unique idea than you must give due credits to its original resource as a thanksgiving. This will increase your online reputation even more.

However if you are posting something which is not a tool or service and which is a collection of different ideas or advice then you can surely rewrite them and represent it as your viewpoint because after all its your research and thesis. But again I can not encourage doing such unless you have explained what do you mean by roundup post.


Hi Mohammad,

Thanks for having your views here. I am a follower of your blog from 2012 and in fact I you are one of such a blogger in my life from whom I have learned about blogging by reading your real life story.

Anyway, regarding this point I want to add in detail. I have started a niche blog on a Govt scheme launched in India (sukanyasamriddhiaccount(dot)com) . Now I want to collect updates on various online newspapers and websites to keep my readers aware what is going on. Most of the links are from e papers.

Thanks for creating such a useful forum. I will try to keep me alive and learn as well share many useful thing related to blogging.


Thanks Rohan for your valuable inputs. I am completely agreeing with you regarding the due credit to bloggers by providing a dofollow link.