Should a new blogger opt for a CDN?


since speed is one of the many ranking factors. for new bloggers with bandwidth 6 - 10 GB/month is it good option to go for a CDN?? because normal shared hosting services load an average site in 3 to 7 seconds and 4-5 sec on average! ( my personal experience )

  1. should we go for CDN?
  2. if so will a free CDN by Google or amazone be good for us? or should we go for paid one???
  3. which CDN should we try if we opting for free one
  4. which cdn if we go for paid one??


I think using a paid Content delivery network will be a much better choice. Because you can get your phone anytime and can ask them for any query that you have or just use your browser and start chatting with a live person who will help you to figure out things. However, if u r a small publisher and do not have much capital then you can use few very affordable hosting that I will send you in a PM…


please check ur pm as i mentioned i have my site and hosted on iPage wordpress hosting do u think speed is good or should i shift to the one u recommended ???


Hello, You need to improve your site loading speed, It is taking too much time. Have you tried CloudFlare CDN??? I will recommend you first try it then go for any other paid one. You can increase site speed by properly configuring W3 Total Cache Plugin.

Please let know if you need any help. thanks


WP expert from ipage configured my cache plugin! of i have raised the ticket to do the same for

so if u feel that thenextrex cache is still not properly configured please let me know and tell me what to do.


for paid CDN, please tell me any CDN that do not have a minimum per month budget. because my site bandwidth was 7GB a month, so their per GB plan should cost me really low. but most of them has a minimum per month of 100$ and so


this is the guides for configuring w3 total cache plugin

you can easily configure it. and try this


i already did cloudflare :frowning: shall i shift to keycdn???


are you minifying CSS, JaveScript and HTML??? Try MAXCDN or CloudFlare if you want to go for paid service, both are affordable. Or allow me to access your wordpress dashboard to confirm that you have configured everything properly. (u can trust me :slight_smile: )