Should a Domain name contain Your Main Keyword?


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Hi @Mohammad , I read your response at the @Shivansh question.

I make my blog in December 2008, I do not have a social networking account at that time then make the blog as a place to write. I write a lot of things, personal experiences, travel stories, about astronomy, blog tips, review, etc.

I read your response then thought, could it be the way I fill the blog the wrong way?

My blog name is not associated with blogs, tutorials, technology and even astronomy, I just try to choose a name that is unique and thought to build a new brand. My blog name is “BiluPing”, it sounds like blue pink, that’s why I used shades of light blue and pink on my blog, I try to build a characteristic

Do I have to create a new blog just to share tutorials and information about the blog? which is more important, a blog with a specific topic (but maybe a little visitor) or a blog with various topics and have a lot of visitors (I think, it’s like a news site that has a lot of topics). I also think of an option on a subdomain of my blog, if I can put there

I hope you can give advice or counsel. I have no problem when it should take U-turn only if it is best for my blog and maybe also the income from advertising :smile:


I’m sure that you brought a expiry domain which i guess through PA and DA (may be its wrong)…I see one more thing that you have started work on your blog after a long time of 2 years. The domain was registered on November 03, 2011 so don’t ask admin to recommend it for you…

However, you can share content from any niche e.g. tutorials, tips or else which you’ve knowledge but according to SEO, you must declare your niche in meta description as well as meta keywords. So Google and other search engine will rank your web in to that niche…

If you want to purchase a new domain then choose a domain less than 10 characters that shall be easy to speak and remember. Sometimes the domain ask itself to the search engines about the content as well as your audience…


Thank you for giving advice. I still think, is able to manage two blogs as well.

December 2008 - November 2011, I still use a subdomain from blogspot then decided to choose a domain to build brand.
btw, what does it mean:


PA means Page Authority and DA means Domain Authority. If i can manage more than 6 sites than you would manage 2 because its not a rocket science. The less PA and DA shows you stopped working on your site in the way or it means the domain was expired and you bought it… I don’t want to go in debate that whats is truth…:smiley:


You manage more than 6? it was great and will be a motivation for me. Sometimes I have a lot of activity in the real world then difficult to get online. That is why “one site was better for me”.
But I will think about it


You quoted me correctly dear a blog that has a specific niche or focuses on a fixed perimeter of related subjects works much better in SERPs and is ranked better in terms of keywords. Search robots are algorithms which values only that contain which makes sense to them in terms of its meaning, simplicity and coherence. Content that doesn’t target related categories, makes it difficult for search robots to put them in the right list of related domains and as a the robot would often avoid placing your site on the search results page based on a user query.

Your domain name is acceptable because it is branded and also short. It is better but not mandatory to have a keyword in your domain. Since you write on so many topics therefore in your case a branded name is much better which may sound like a mashup of everything. What needs focus is your Topics domains which you need to shorten because it is never wise to write on everything and confuse both your readers and robots in better explaining what your blog is all about finally! :innocent:


Thanks for your response. what if i put a particular topic on a subdomain, whether it’s the right choice? for example, this time I write a lot about bloggers and astronomy, then I made a special subdomain to blogger tutorial and main domain discusses astronomy

then, if choose a special topic, does not matter if sometimes write another subject as a distraction? for example: Sunday to post about off topic


Writing off-topic posts can be done less frequently and it wont effect your site’s main keywords but don’t overdose your blog with irrelevant topics a lot.

I could not get you on subdomain thing. Can you share some dummy URLS so that I may know what exactly you mean?


I mean like this, I want to split a specific topic with a subdomain. For example, about the tutorial blog, I want to create a subdomain