Short Codes Not Working On My Blog


Please I need help the short codes are not working in my blog. When I use any short code in my blog it stops working.

e.g. I have implemented CSS3 Notification Boxes in my post and now this post did not open.

Here is the link

Please Help Me.


I don’t think this is the problem with shortcode because I too used that shortcode it worked fine for me! I think this is the problem with your related post widget. Because if you see carefully, when related post get loaded then only the blog page change. But I wonder… why it happens on only one post.

Well, just to inform you, you have added the shortcode wrongly.

You add:

[info headline="Info"]Add Your Message Here.[/info]

And it should be:

[info headline=Info]Add Your Message Here.[/info]


This code was given on MBT short code page.


But it works when I delete the short code brother.


Try to remove (") before and after Info from the shortcode and save change and then try if it works.


Still didn’t worked. I tried changing it.


Hmm. Let @Mohammad read it. He is the creator so may be, he can solve the issue.


This is happening because you have called jquery a multiple times and have added CSS and Javascript randomly instead of organizing them in one place.

Firstly follow the format shown in mbt. @Shivansh attributes are inserted inside double quotes “” so he former code was correct use

[info headline="Info"]Message here.[/info]

Do this

  1. Find this line of code and delete it

Next find and delete the second occurence of this code

<script src='' type='text/javascript'></script>
  1. Test now, if it didnt work then remove the shareholic script and test again

  2. Next move all your CSS and add it just below ]]></b:skin>

  3. Move all your JS scripts except the shortcode one and add it just below

This will not only solve your shortcode problem but will make your blog more optimzed and SEO friendly :innocent:


@Mohammad It Still Did not worked. I tried the whole method.


Remove all scripts on your template except the shortcodes scripts and then try. When it worked. Start adding the scripts one by one and keep testing during that time. You will find out which script is messing up things. It is a simple debugging process. There is always learning involved

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Still Didn’t Worked @Mohammad I tried all the above steps.


At last worked after removing a script from the template. Now I have added jquery tabs widget short code.

But it didn’t works in the post.


@Mohammad It was still not working in the posts area.