Shocking Google abandoned their free services for businessPersons!


One of the most alarming news which I was able to find because of @zohaibliaqat (one of the forum members) that Google has just killed all of their services which they provided in past to help businessmen including the free custom email service.

Now Google will charge users for these services. Prices start from 5 dollars:

While I was trying to solve Mr. @zohaibliaqat 's problem, I was shocked to find this news. Now many bloggers who were using these free services have to pay some wealth to google in order of a continuous use of these apps.

@Mohammad by the way if you can add “news” as a new category in the system then it will be appreciated a lot.


That is not a new development buddy. Google stopped serving free signups to Google apps around 2 years back. We too developed tools using it like the famous :

  1. Create Custom Email address for your site using Gmail
  2. Create Short links in Blogger using Google apps

The good thing was that Google is not charging old customers. It will charge only new signups! :wink: All those mbt readers who created emails for their sites after reading our post are enjoying the free benefits even to this date. Our is still active and powered by gmail! :smiley:

I did created the news category but then deleted it because the forum is not aimed at sharing news buddy, you can add such news to the community announcement category


:O, So it is not a new news. :stuck_out_tongue: I thought it was. So new users cannot get this service for free?


Ok, Thanks for your Clarify Mr.Mohammad, after this post i’m keep on searching for it, now i’m out of danger.



Sorry for the confusion which was made by me. I will like to ask the admin to please delete this topic because it was a complete misunderstanding. Thanks


Its ok @HusnainMz but at least we clarified why don’t we have the news category :blush: