Shall I sell out my Domain or not?


Hey @Mohammad bro

Can you please visit my blog I have spent hours and hours on writing unique posts and one of my best posts is 101 ways to increase blog traffic and more…

Kindly tell me do you think that my blog and rise up and can get approved by BSA, I’m asking this because there’s someone on Facebook who keeps on saying that you should sell this blog, its useless, you’ve chosen the wrong domain as compared to your niche and you’ll get nothing out of it. So @Mohammad bro kindly comment about it and also give me some suggestion for its SEO and whether I should sell it out or not. Thanks


Obviously No! Your Domain is Good that;s why you got such good ranking. I suggest you not to sell your domain.


@zohaibliaqat Before I may give my sincere advice PM me how much is he willing to pay and what is your monthly income from the blog itself? Only then I can suggest what step to take