SEO tips for download websites


Hello everybody. This is my first post here.

I would like to know some SEO tips for download sites.

I have a site where users can download Android apps in .apk format. So I want to know how to work the SEO in this case.

For example, the description of an application is “This application is for sending messages to your friends from school and friends from work.”

Then all the other websites competing with mine use this description and I use that too. Google then consider this as duplicate content.

My website is: - http:// apk. droidshell. net/

Sooo, any tips and tricks? @Mohammad


I don’t thing Google will recognise this as duplicate content because you are not having duplicate content but a description which somebody too having.

What you can do- You can try to make description more attractive. It will make it different and improve your blog’s pageviews too!


Hike is a good program that sends free messages.

Now you can convert it to:

Hike up your life with the all new Hike messenger that lets you call to over 100 peoples and messages, all for free!

That’s all I can give you advice this time. :smile: