Seo problem on my blogger blog


Why google not show my blog post

this is my blog url: i use all trick form your site but :frowning: i use google webmasters tool, Google Analytics. dns, Server connectivity, Robots.txt all is done but google not show my blogger blog post **

Help Me Plz Admin



It take time when do you have submitted sitemap to google


i sitemap my blog url on google but not work


Leon Bro, Your some of the links had already indexed on Google. Also When I saw your blog, I found that When anyone clicks something on your blog, it will go redirected to somewhere else and that’s not good for your site even You are generating income from this trick as It will increase your SITE’S BOUNCE RATE as well as DECREASED PAGEVIEWS PER SESSION and that will directly effect your ranking on Google Indexing. Also, to Index your site faster, You can switch to “FETCH AS GOOGLE” Tool in the GOOGLE WEBMASTER which will help you to soon index your site. Because I am new here acc. to rule of here, I can’t embed link so I directly giving you…Just Copy and paste them… Hope, Brother this may help you…!!!