SEO impact on migrating to new url on google blog


Hello there. I got bored of my current domain and or just acquire a more friendly one. I’m curently using google blog (blogspot) albeit linked to a top domain already. I have some posts which are currently performing well on google search, and if anything, that’s is the only thing i care about or cautious of in migrating to my preferred domain already. I’m afraid of the impact this could have on my post rank on Google. My new domain is intended to be hosted on blogger (blogspot). But i really just don’t know what, or how this could look like or work out. Mind you, my current blog is on a top domain (i.e dot com) already. Just looking to move to another top domain.

Somebody talk to me



It totally depends on your BLOG NICHE, domain name, and Domain PR.

Suppose, If you are posting about blogger platform and your old domain name is and your new domain is then new is better then old (Only when then your old domain have not PR).

And if your old domain is and now you want to change it to then it is not good for SEO.

You should choose domain name related to your blog niche.

If your domain name is old 1 or 2 years, then don’t change otherwise it will be dangerous.

Hope you understand. :slight_smile:


I don’t think you should change your domain name because you will loose your backlinks.