Seo From Basics To Advanced For Blogger


Friends, Let’s share all the seo settings done from basics to advanced for blogger. From basic post settings to putting meta keywords. from searching keywords to building backlinks. each and everything will be shared here so that newbies can get everything on one place. Waiting to hear from my fellow bloggers…


Blogger is readymade SEO software, like sitemap, robots.txt, xrobots-tags.

Meta keywords are dead, so don’t waste your time on it.

For keyword Research Google Keyword Planner is enough. Just ignore the competition value like low, medium or high, because it is useful for advertiser, not for SEO.

Backlinks are not dead, but most of are doing in wrong way, you should mention your blog post only, if you think, the topic is related to your, and people will like to read your post, otherwise don’t build backlinks with your own hand.