Self Hosting Blogger Blog - Is it Possible?


Blogger blog can be host free on blogger. But as we go against google then our blog can be deleted at any time. So there is always a risk on blogger blog.

My question is…

  1. Can we self host blogger blog ? (Like on hostgator, bluehost etc.)
  2. If we can host blogger blog on our own server, then can google delete our blog?
  3. How much does it cost for blogger to wordpress migration ? (Minimum cost)


Unfortunately that is currently not possible. There is no way to access Blogger’s database files. The only way to self-host a blog which is served by blogger is to migrate it to another CMS service like Wordpress.

  1. No you can only migrate your blog to another service but you can not self host a blogspot blog. You can only self-host the subdomains

  2. No they could not if lets suppose your blog was self-hosted

  3. Nothing! You just need to read the tutorial shared at mbt!

Read the post below to learn how to migrate blogger to WP and also learn why you should never migrate.


I was just finished reading the above article . I got the link from another post.

Thanks @Mohammad for you super fast reply :blush:


you are most welcomed buddy. I am more active at mid nights then during day when I am online via mobile only :smile:


congratulations admin, i found it more helpful than other forums. currently i am running an educational blog on blogspot, i want to convert it to purchased domain. abut doing this i found lot of helpful posts on MBT, my question is after some time, if i want to convert it to blogspot blog again, is it possible?


yes, it is possible. Just remove your custom domain and it will convert your blogspot blog to blogspot subdomain


I am pleased you liked it buddy and welcome to the family. :blush:

It is never a good habit redirecting domain again and again but yes you can surely revert back to your blogspot domain if in case your domain expires or if you no more wanted to host your blog on a custom domain but this will effect your blog search ranking. The search traffic will still point to your custom domain unless you redirect them back to your blogspot domain. This can be done only when you insert a redirection script inside your custom domain index page


I am enjoying hosted ad sense account on my blogspot blog, since a year, now i am earning a reasonable amount per month and want to buy a domain, but i am in a fear that if adsense reject my own domained site? so is there a way to check a blog that it will be accepted by ad sense if converted to domained by purchasing. hoping some one will reply…


you must choose a good domain for your blog that have some or at least one major keyword. If you will start getting traffic again, adsense will surely approve your request and they don’t reject it. :smile:


thanks dear, is my site, can you suggest me that the template used is adsense friendly?


Google never gone stop Blog-spot service because of the following reasons .

  1. From 100% Of Sites - Almost 60% Of Adsense Users Using Blogspot Services .

  2. If Blogspot stopped Millions of information will be deleted and it will cause Google Search Engine to be decremented in Search Results .

  3. If Blogspot is dead then it means the service of Adsense and Adwords is also dead .