Searching for a good timeline gadget/static page?


I want to create a timeline showing important dates in the lives of my deceased wife and my own on my blog “Living La Vidudez Loca” @ beeljo(dot)blogspot(dot)com as a gadget and/or a static page. While I’m open to suggestions for both, I’m probably leaning towards a static page since I don’t know how much load time a gadget like this would add to individual pages. Furthermore, I think a gadget would take up too much space on a page (although I suppose I could create a new static page, click on the HTML button, and enter the HTML for a gadget there). If anyone could help me with the following features, I would greatly appreciate it:

  1. The page would initially show a list of dates which I discuss in blog posts (e.g., when she returned from visiting her sister in Los Angeles and found out that she had a lump in her abdominal area would link to a post I wrote about it) followed by the years 1952 to 2016. Years that included significant events would toggle open to display months, and those months that included significant events would toggle open to display dates. For example, the “zippy” toggles of the default archive gadget or the “bar” toggles shown for the “Labels” and “Archive” gadgets on the Official Blogger Blog @ blogger(dot)googleblog(dot)com (I would have shown pics, but I’m not allowed to upload them).
  2. Years and months that have significant dates would be a different font and/or background color than those that didn’t.
  3. visually differentiate between dates that are significant in only her life (e.g., her date of birth and those of her daughters and siblings would be preceded by a blue “@”), those that significant only in mine (like my date of birth and those of my siblings would be preceded by a blue “#”), and those that are significant in both of our lives (e.g., the date of our wedding would be preceded by a purple “&”) or perhaps using different icons for each of the three categories (hers, mine, and ours):
  4. would include a guide at the bottom explaining the different colors and/or icons.
    Then again, anything even without these features would be better than what I have now, so thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me.