Search Box to search within Label AND Keyword?



is it possible to create a Search Box with a Dropdown-Menu for selected Labels and a Input Field to type a Keyword?

For example i want to search for “lavera” within the Category “Shower Gels” and it has to be certified “Vegan”? So the result would be something like /label/Shower%20Gels+Vegan?q=lavera or something like that?

If it is possible to do this searching within only one Label it would be perfect, too.

Is something possible? I would really appreciate if someone could help.

Kind Regards


Ok… So… Here is the answer related to your query… If you want all … then Just Create a Page In Blogger By visiting ‘Pages’ Option and then Clicking On ‘New Page’. Then Insert the following code by visiting One of the Blogger Site : …There,view the 3rd Searchable Version, You will get your answer and I am damn sure that I had sorted out your problem. Don’t forget to view my profile and share me and my posts which I used to write On My Blog as mentioned in My Profile in Communities.