Review Needed. Please tell me about my New Blog


Hello Friends. I have a blog ‘Blogger Guiders’. Now, I want a review of it. Can you review and tell me all things I am doing good or bad?

Here’s the Blog:

You can tell me about:

  • Designing Issues- You liked or not?
  • Any thing needed
  • About my writing skills- Good Or Bad?
  • Any Other Improvement needed or need to add some other features or widgets.
  • Last! You first impression. :smile:

I have tried to create a good background that don’t reduce page speed. I used MBT Trick but background is mine. Can you tell me how’s it?

Thanks You!


The Template Does’nt Seems Right. Add a Header and customize your sidebar & footer. Change the header menu also.


I think you already have same thread like this… I don’t know where :smiley:


i can give you 100 out 99 because i read your articles that’s all are pretty good i love your blog you are doing great job


Well, @Mad, The previous post I made is about my First Blog whose title is not SEO Optimized. So I have created this blog and post this. Its not Same! :blush:

@HassanTahir, Can you give a description of what you are saying? In my template, Header is present with empty ads place because in present, I don’t have any Adsense Account.

@Tariq_aziz, Thank You Very Much. :smile: I am glad that you liked it and thanks for leaving your comment. :blush:


Hi @Shivansh, Good to see your new blog. :slight_smile:

Quoting Mustafa sir here:

So adding some questions on basis of which you want your blog to be reviewed would be great!

-Rohan Chaubey.


Dear @Rohan, Thanks, I have added these. :smile: Now Can You tell all of these? :blush:


Hi @Shivansh, Good! Glad you followed the guidelines. The reviewers whether expert or newbie might spend a lot of time reviewing your blog so the least expected from you is providing questions for us to answer. Thanks for adding those and for honoring my request. :slight_smile:

  1. Writing Skills - My Fav question! A slight improvement in grammar and choice of words is required. As I always recommend, try reading other popular blogs to learn to write in a professional tone.
  2. First impression - Great! But as soon as I started reading your posts, I found that some of your content urges readers to do unethical things. For instance: In one of your post you said dropping links in the comments is good. And by doing this you can gain backlinks. In a way, you are saying that the best way to build links for your blog is by posting spammy comments. I am sure no professional blogger would ever like to read this.
  3. Anything needed - A slight enlargement in the font size will make your posts much readable.
  4. Other improvements - Add a recent posts widgets. Recent post widget is as important as the popular post widget.
  5. Designing issues - Didn’t get you, which type of issues you are talking about?

I hope you take all my suggestions positively. I am sure you can do much better than what you are doing now.

Good Luck,



Thanks Rohan for giving your time for reviewing my blog. I will remember all your suggestions in future posts :smile:.

I will add a recent post widget when my blog will have a least 10 posts. and about designing issues, I mean how is my template designing or if you got any error or some improvements.


@Shivansh, My pleasure helping you. Talking about designing, Nice design. :slight_smile: But I think the footer and the header needs some improvement for mobile compatibility. Check at your end, I am not sure about this.


Well, I have enable Mobile view from Blogger Dashboard (Dynamic Template). Because I think Dynamic Templates are Best for Mobiles (Androids) Because they load fast and provide features that help visitors to visit another article in one click. :smile:


@Shivansh I have reviewed your blog.I suggest you the following things:

Alt Tags

All of your images should have descriptive Alt Tags.There were some images found with missing alt tags. :smile:

increase-blog-traffic.png - Blogger-Yard-clone-v2.png -

Writing Skills

Your writing skills are good. :grinning:


Overall Design is good.but I noticed that you have added “About” and “contact” button in both of the navigation menu .Remove About and contact button from lower navigation menu as your site is responsive so on small monitor screen it will not look good .Plus one more thing change the favicon.


Yeah! I will change that favicon tomorrow. I have created a unique favicon. And when I create some other labels, I will replace about and contact with these.


Dear thanks for considering my suggestion.


You can take a look at favicon.

If you see new favicon then its fine. But If you are unable to see that, simply go to and then press Win Key+ F5. and then you are able to see it. :smile:

As you reported about alt tags, I have placed them. You can check. :blush:


@Shivansh This favicon is nice. Now you will have only to keep focus on posting and your blog will rock soon. :+1:


All the things are Good, But I suggest you to make your Blog Mobile Friendly Because Your Blog looks weird in Mobile’s Browsers.


I agree to you. And that is what I suggested him. :+1:


@GKVish and @Rohan, I have told you that I have enabled Mobile Template from Blogger. I have enabled Dynamic Template so there is no need to make my template responsive.

But Thanks for Giving Your Time. :smile:


You can made the following customization

Designing Issues: There is not any designing issue.

Any Thing Needed: Change the menu and sidebar H2 font. ( don’t increase it’s size change it e.g Oswald) You can get them from google font’s.

Writing Skills: Try to write your post at least of 700 words.

Widgets: You can add Twitter Feeds Widget.

Impression: Your blog seemed me good in the first impression but your menu font did not seemed right.