Review My New Blog And Framework!


Hello Bloggers hope you are good and happy :smile: Sorry for disturbance but today i want you to review my New Blog :link: My Blogging Arena which is of blogging niche. I want you to review about its posts , design , content , etc. Also report any bug if found :bug:

By The Way I Have Also Made By Own Framework Known As :link: NgFramework Please check it out :smile:

This Time I Want @Mohammad Bro Also To Review My Blog :smiley:

Thank You :heart:

~ Nitishk Gupta


What Happened ?? No Reviews ?? :exclamation: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi hope you are good,

I really like your framework I just have a small question I also have started a blogspot niche site newly and I am looking for a template to start off with, I was wondering if you can make a special one for me which is mobile friendly and clean with your framework. Does it support @media-queries?

This is the Link to my site if you need its based on Blogger:

Thank You and great work with the framework :smile:


Thank You Bro :smile: I am glad that you liked the framework :smiley:
BTW there are many other templates which are awesome as well as responsive therefore i suggest you to use Sevida template as it is the beast!

BTW i offer template designing services also therefore you can contact me through P.M if necessary :smiley: :heart:


BTW your blog is also good but just focus on content :smiley:


Thank you very much for the feedback I am still working on it :smile:


I dont find any differences between a regular blogger tuts blog and your blog.its the same as ngtechzone.and please get a new template or design it because sevida is messed up with your blog.


Thanks Bro ! Yes i am trying to find a new template and designing it :smiley: BTW please review other things like content and do comment if you like anyone of them :smiley: And Please Review My New Framework (Link Is Given Above) :wink:

~Thank You :heart:


@ngtechzone, The quality of your content is awesome. Try to work with your blogger template.

  1. You have used too much effect on your template.
  2. Font style is not good. Use simple font like Georgia or Droid serif,
  3. If possible, try to use clean and white blogger template
  4. Your blog also about template designing. So, try to use a different background for codes. example
  5. If possible, remove the font style italic and make it regular font.
  6. use big (not too) font size for your blogger blog post heading (h3).


Thanks Bro For Your Awesome Review :smile:

1- I just wanted to make my blog to look awesome that’s why i added effects and thy’re not too heavy also just 10-15 KB in size!

2- The Font i have used in the posts is the simplest font which is arial but now i will try another one.

3- I’m currently working on a template so problem 3 , 4 & 5 will be solved .

4- Done :sunny:

6- Done :smiley:

And once again thanks for your review :smiley:

Happy Blogging :blush: