Review my blog's design. I worked all day and night to change it


Hi, (specially @Mohammad)

my blog url:

Kindly give me your 2 minutes and review my blog design. it costs nothing. You can give a brief description of your thoughts about my blog’s design or you can simply rank it at the scale of 0 to 100.

I worked all day and night in Template customization. It is my right to demand a review. Hope you will pay attention.

waiting for your reply anxiously.


The design is clean. The email subscription box is well placed, however, you can try to make the text a bit more professional.

Give me your best email, I will give you secrets of success in blogging.

Trust us with you email, we will trust you with our blogging secrets

The second one sounds better. (if it’s a personal blog you can use ‘me’, but on a personal blog ‘us’ is preferred, the blog is run by one person only, but the visitors don’t need to know that :wink: )

The design is good. The pictures look a bit stretched out. If you have the time, you can change the shape of the images so that they look better (I said if you have the time because the thumbnails look stretched on my blog too and I never bother fixing them, I don’t have the time :stuck_out_tongue: )

Other than that the blog is fine.


Bundle of thanks for your suggestions. I changed that sentence accordingly.


You’ve only 3 posts so I’m unable to take scenario of your blog. Try to publish more posts and you must make 30 posts in a month to get well traffic from search engines. However

Add social sites in sidebar so you well gather your audience through social networking. Create posts regularly becasue you’ve publish posts only in Sep/Oct and November last year. Try to find and replace SEO & user friendly template so you’ll find an increase in alexa rank


Really @shahzad478 you have worked hard. This one is seriously good template in terms of design.

Easy to read

Your Email Subscription box is well planned, good positioned, attention gaining and attractive too. And now I’m also one your subscriber. I’ll suerly read all you articles and you can contact me directly at for any help.

Your design is clean and sober and yes it is good to have such template.

Okay now if I come to the SEO optimization. Then I couldn’t find your template well optimized or any other automatic script which will enhance your SERP results. I checked your blog for SERP (structured data) HERE and found nothing other than hatom structures.

May be you should work on them also. For help on Structure data just follow this forum and keep asking queries, we will suerly help you and yes we’ll also get a chance to enrich our own knowledge.

Happy Blogging !


as visitor i suggest you to fix your template it is not attractive but it is responsiveness theme so it is good for mobile user and try to remove email subscribe box and add small box there are only seven post in your website i think you should post daily one more thing i am not expert i am just a visitor


Your statement

stricked me wrong seriously. One need not write daily. There are people who got a huge fan following without writting a single post.


@ Naman thanks for inform me but i am not agree with you as a reader or visitor i told u i am not expert and as i reader i am waiting for next post to get more knowledge and about your post seriously it is very huge but i will read at office inshallah and one more thing i never care about SEO Keywords computation even i dont know how to write a post it is true :smiley:


I must tell you @shahzad478 that you impressed me with your writing skills! Well done on that! :innocent:

You are both intellectually strong, well versed in your written skills, familiar with basic SEO, CSS and HTML and pretty professional when it comes to content writing. I have rarely given these comments to any review made on this forum so far. All these skills are enough to help you achieve your online ambitions.

I will give the following tips to help a skilled man like you prosper

  1. Remain firm to SEO standards, never compromise your site’s online reputation for promoting cheap affiliate sales, link sell, paid reviews and link exchange schemes.
  2. Post only Unique and resourceful content because such content never dies with time. Avoid sharing out-dated stories or content because you are quite well versed to makeup new stories on your own.
  3. Publish at least 5 posts daily for consecutive 6 months and don’t worry about monetization during this period. Focus only organic traffic during this time.
  4. Focus on building your brand name, a strong social network, respect copyrights and remain thankful to your readers and God always.

I guess this was the most unique review i ever made. God bless you buddy.


He is not wrong if you just launched your site with no strong social network and no parallel sites. A man with none of these resources around can not expect to receive thousands of visitors overnight with just a single post. He needs to build up traffic from scratch by producing quality content and keeping a consistently high post frequency. At least 5 posts per week for first 4-6 months.

People who do so are often surrounded by hidden resources and they show just one side of the picture to their visitors and hide the actual source.


Bundle of thanks. :relaxed:

You @Mohammad are my hero in blogging. :smiley:


Hello @Mohammad

How can I create 5 unique posts daily?

(I like to publish those posts which have minimum 1000 words.)


Always a pleasure buddy

You may better ask this question in a new thread/topic