Review my Blog Post and give me suggestions



I’ve just published a post on my blog about SEO tips for blogger. And the funny fact is that I want you to tell me that is my post SEO optimized or not? :wink:

I want you to tell me that have I used well Keywords? and Have I used keywords in right places. In short, please suggest me that is my post completely SEO optimized or not? I’m confuse about proper use of keywords. My post’s link is here


The whole post looks good but in my opinion some recommended improvements are:

  • Change the color because the default template color is not user friendly…
  • Use one Social Sharing widget because you’ve 2 (sidebar floating + bottom of post). So it’ll reduce the loading speed of webpage.
  • Try to reduce the external links on your blog
  • The keywords are optimized but the description of this post is not SEO friendly e.g. you’ve placed (<meta content='A post about blogger SEO tips' name='description'/>) that will surely not meaning :smiley:
  • Use images inside post to make your content rich for your audience
  • Move your content from bottom of page to sidebar because your sidebar looks like empty
  • Try to add few more content because 300+ keywords post have more chances to rank in SERPs
  • Try to place Facebook page like, twitter follow and RSS email widgets in right sidebar for immediate boost in alexa rank

However, may be I’m wrong in any point of view because I’m not a pro blogger :frowning: but all these points will surely increase your web rank along with SERPs position…


You are right @Mr_Raja bro, I didn’t know that how a post meta description should be, but now, when I opened a post of My Blogger Tricks and search for meta description in the source code, I realized the fact. Can you please show me an example of Meta Description that can be perfect for this post?


It’s a time taking task but I’ll show some example description so you can choose the best one:

Example 1:

5 Killer on page SEO tips for Blogspot blogs to optimize your blog in Google search engine. These 5 tricks surely increase organic traffic and boosts Alexa rank

Example 2:

We’ve compiled the 5 best SEO tips and tricks for your beginner blogs. Use these white hat tips to get top rankings in search engines and get well rankings.

You’ll surely got an exact idea that how to customize and create a SEO friendly meta description. However, If you don’t like any of these than create a new or customize any of these above. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: