Review And Give Feedback About My New Network Site


Hello Bloggers Hope You All Are Good.It’s Been A Long Time If Have Asked You a question so today i want a review of my new network site which i have created form scratch! Please Suggest And Give Me Feedback On These Topics-

1- Responsiveness

2- Design

3- Hover Effects

4- And More…

My Network Url Is- :link:

~Thank You :smiley:


All over content is good.

Because there is no high web graphics the site is obviously responsive.

Use a better font I mean stylish one.


Remove from bigger boxes or change the color on mouse over.

Add one more section called experience or your works which you have done as freelancer or as a company.

Design a good logo for ng network and give header some padding.

Also Make a section and enter your specialties like web designing,jquery,HTML,graphic etc etc. (services is the section of capabilities not specialties)

Thankyou :wink:


Thank You Very Much For Giving Feedback.

BTW I was just completing the the site offline and adding some text in services like in Stc website. I Was Also Designing A Logo And Adding Direct CSS For Boxes Rather Than and i will surely add experience section :smile: thanks for suggesting that. Also for specialties i was making a new surprise wait and watch.

BTW how is the header animation Looking ?

BTW Thank You Very Much For Suggestions :smiley:


why don’t you buy a domain? Actually it as counts very necessary thing to give a professional impression.


Bro For Some Reasons I Cant Buy The Domain Now But I Will In Future :smile:


This will surely impact your site. You know some people have a kind of mentality which is not explainable.

Anyways Good luck


Look Bro I Have Updated The Site Please Check It Again :smiley:


Sorry, but it not impressed me. I was see this type of template design in 2010-2013 on many wap sites. Why you did not use third party framework like Twitter bootstap, font awesome to make a design more professional.

I have few suggestion,

  • Don’t use whole width, add some margin left and right to make your content centralized.
  • Use some professional fonts from Google Web Fonts.
  • Use Some professional colors, No one liked to see bright blue and yellow color combination color.
  • And Last one, I did not like hover affect in our service class, it is black. why you choose this color :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks For Suggesting I Will Add These Points In My To Do List.

BTW I Have used bootstrap framework in it as well as font awesome in it. :wink:

The Reason It Is Not Looking Professional Is Because I Have Designed From Scratch :sweat:

BTW all the things are centralized using center tag and margin’s are given in proper place!

Bro The Font I Have Used Is Latest Which Is Ubuntu But I Will Change It :wink:

Suggest Me A Color For Service Effect :smiley:


Yeh. You have used Bootstrap, and font awesome. Sorry I did not look out on source page. Actually I never seen sites like this with Bootstrap framework :wink:

Actually, my meaning of centralize is, add some margin and padding from left as well as right. Just take a example of this forum. The content is slightly far away from left side and right side :slight_smile:

Actually I like this color 63B1FF, You can refer some more sites and grab them color code by using ColorPick Eyedropper Chrome extension.


Thank You :smile:

Any Other Suggestions :smiley:


BTW Do You Like The Background Changing Header ? :smiley:


Lol. :stuck_out_tongue: Ask to other member, I already added my review.


No brother! the point is that when the color changes the color on the logo and bg match so it becomes awkward really.


not bad on the site. thanks for sharing for review. :smiley:


Thank You Very Much For Giving Suggestions BTW Now i am redesigning it with materialize Framework :smiley:


@ngtechzone Product Review cannot be listed as service because it is like advertisement of the product so it should come in advertise cat.


Thank You For Suggesting I Will Change It :smile: