Responsive menu with logo and search button


It’s been a long time since I’m looking for a horizontal menu with the logo and the search box.

The menu has to be visible to desktop and mobile.

Does anyone have a tutorial that can inform me?

I’ve searched everywhere and found nothing! ;(…


We already published a Responsive Multi Level Drop down menu with search functionality. Has both desktop and mobile view.

:link: Responsive menu with Mobile and Desktop view

To enable its desktop view simply remove display:none from this code:

#navitions{background-color:#242729;border-bottom:0px solid #6FC415;box-shadow:0 1px 9px #666;display:none}

Hope this answers your question :innocent:


All day and could not make the menu appear in the work area. :tired_face:


me too ,I can make it work in desktop view, only in mobile ! :tired_face:


try this

Mobile And Desktop View


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is it promotion.? I could not understand If I am placing my blog link than it’s promotion, but if I will place mybloggertricks link than it’s not promotion. either you and me know this is forum not MBT website :confused:


Sorry to hurt you! but Sister Yesterday you posted same link and it was deleted because it contained MBT’s post’s Contents.and The link you provided is already not working :confused: Hope you understand. The links which are spam free,Helpful and up to the mark and matter are always welcome.


Has anyone else … :worried: ?

Please, give us a light!


brother creating Responsive templates need 100s of times testing every single element. Can you give me your template url?


I’ve tried various shape and couldn’t brother!

This is my url: