Responsive design vs. mobile design


Hi, @Mohammad and @qasimzaib . I see MBT disable mobile design ( ?m=1 ) You use responsive design, so that the mobile display is disabled?

I opened the page but still showing the same thing when using

I will be disabled mobile design as well as using responsive design. but I am waiting your explanation


Our template has a custom responsive style-sheet so we have therefore disabled the Mobile view provided by blogger. Very soon I will write a series of tutorials on how to design a fluid and responsive blogger template. I did wrote the first few chapters at


yes, I learned a lot from your tutorial. Now my template almost completely responsive. Wait for your next tutorial :smile:


You are surely a fast learner, I would love to publish the tutorials as soon as I able to manage the forum properly


Loooool So i have been missing out alot!!! Thanks Very Much Mybloggertricks Team