Request to entertain WordPress related questions also


@Mohammad and other admin,

it is humbly requested to please entertain WordPress related questions also, their are members who can help. example in my last post @Nafees can help but didnt because the forum is for blogger forum.

Why is there discrimination ? blogger / wordpress are same in eyes of google. and its a good plateform with active and knowledgeable people. so please allow wordpress users to be a part of this community


I personally feel that a forum can have a certain niche too! for example google blogger official help forum. there we cannot post about youtube or google plus. Its because the forum is targeted towards to blogger users only. and also committed to blogger users. Likely Blogger users cannot post on official wordpress forum because wordpress forum is for wordpress. So if we see dynamically its not discrimination :smiley:

Would love to see @mohammad’s Views on this :wink:


@The_Next_Rex, If someone really knew the solution, they must have replied to your question or have sent you a private message.

In the past, WordPress questions were answered and not deleted so I think Mustafa is ready to bend the rules in some cases, not all.


P.S. Also sometimes you can participate in other member’s topics as well, as you say you work with WordPress.


Yes thats true brother but the policy says we are bound to blogger right? I know how can I make my hack work in wordpress but if I reply won’t I get negative flagged? previously there were many wordpress post which Mohammad deleted So its upon him to decide that is it limited to blogger or not :smiley:

And Help in Private messages are also not allowed right? you only told me also I read it in the rules


I see you’re taking two stands. Why will someone not help in a PM if they have the ability to help?


I am talking clearly that No help in PM is allowed. But I accept that its my mistake in some point because the help is not blogspot help.


yes they did and i am thankful, and since it was mentioned so i raised it :slight_smile: i would request if it can be made a rule, as in if some one can help, forum has no objection in it. and yes i do try to help, i am not a pro as u know, still with my limited knowledge i try to share .


Buddy we really don’t discriminate amongst any blogging CMS. All are equal for us but sometimes when you discuss all topics on a single platform, it becomes more of a mess and confusion to newbie bloggers who often find themselves in double stands. To ensure we keep our Forum SEO specific to Google blogger and to ensure more and more blogspot users find straight help and support from this platform, we are therefore bound to keep it clean in choosing its categories and in answering the relevant questions.

Wordpress is a complete new platform and it deserves a whole new community of experts and interested audience. However based on your query, I will start a poll after a month and will ask the community members if they would really wish to entertain wordpress questions also. :innocent:


Fair enough :smile: i will make sure the poll would be a yes :wink: