Request for Blogger Shortcodes


Hello everyone.

@Shivansh posted many blogger shortcodes on his blog. I want some help regarding them. I want to add:

  • Message Box

  • Tweet box

  • Embedly post

  • youtube


You anyone and specially @Shivansh prepare a js script particularly for these shortcodes. I want the same css styles for message boxes which I’m currently using on my blog Naman’s Board. www[dot]namanboard[dot]com

Thanks in advance. Please help as early as possible


Install the following script in your template:

Shortcodes.txt (6.3 KB)

And save your template and then start using shortcodes and be sure to include comments present on the script.


hey can you just upload it somewhere and share it because the code is being automatically edited by the forum scripts. or use



Use the uploaded one now. I think there’s a bug in forum’s </> (codes formatter) function. :frowning:


what about the css part? …


sorry the script is not working. message boxes are not displaying


Give me some time. Actually I am very busy these days. So, I will check the script and send you once again as fast as I can.


no problem. If you want i c an give you admin rights


No. There is no need of it. :smile:


I’m currently using the below working code:



message boxes are now working with your script but tweet boxes are not


Try this one: Shortcodes.txt (6.3 KB)