[Request] Add a Filter Button on PM system


Hello All Members Here. Do you ever added to a PM or invited by someone? I request mohammad to add a remove myself from this PM button in more that two user PM Messages. Because Sometime when I want to get removed from any pm group, I can’t find any feature like this. Kindly, All Members Give Thumb Ups if they satisfied.



Hi @Shivansh, I have already suggested @Mohammad about adding a “filter” button. I think that is what you are asking for. Using the filter button you can filter members who annoy you with their spammy private messages and you won’t receive notifications from them.


Hmm like Block in facebook. But when this feature will available?


As I mentioned before, It was just a suggestion. The implementation depends upon the team.


I liked the idea and I have added it to my To-DO list, will surely do my best to add this feature in future updates



Users can now mute and suppress notifications from other forum user or users. There is a User mute option in your Profile Preferences. Using which you can now block receiving notifications from a particular user.