Republished posts without permission


I contacted a website who put up a couple of my posts from my blog without my permission. I noticed this website has been doing many posts from other blogs and youtube.

In tiny words at the end of the post they just put a source link without really mentioning my blog. Is it stupid to feel violated? Can I call this copyright infringement? They are trying to get advertisers on their website for the many posts created by others. Isn’t that wrong?


Yup It’s Totally Wrong…
1st Thing You Should Contact With Website Owner and Give Him/Her Warn…
and If He/She Don’t Understand Then You Can Call… :slight_smile:


Hey thanks!

Just that I have been filling out so many DMCA reports for other websites that my head is getting dizzy. Also, some sites tend to be portals to the blogs. But obviously this site collects all these full posts on their site magazine style and has the audacity to allow advertisements, making money off of these copyrighted posts.

I really don’t understand these people!

Again, thanks for your input and yes I did contact the website owner and!


It’s My Pleasure :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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