RELOAD: From New Website to Retro Website


I still do not understand why it is considered spam but reloading the same.

I wish my website is inspired as much to those sites that were once simple and visually really classic in those days. I want that there is no anti-aliasing and transparency. I would also like a few colors if you can transport it in 256 colors. It’s possible? :neutral_face:

This is my Website:


Emh… someone wants to answer. :confused:


Hey! Do you hear me? I just need some help, did not ask you to give me the money or whatever, I just need some help. Look if not done will be big trouble, HAVE YOU UNDERSTAND? :rage:


Calm Down Brother :smile: . The reason Why Members Are Not Posting Here Is that they and in fact i can also not understand your problem :confused: So Please Explain Clearly What’s Your Problem And Wat DO You Want. :smile:

P.S Don’t Get So Angry :angry: As Anger Is Harmful For You Only Not For US SO Always Be :smiley:


Sorry to say but your english as well as framing of the question is not correct. which doesn’t let us understand your problem. and no need to get angry! you are not paying us. some problems get solved and some remain unsolved. :neutral_face:

Are you saying that if we won’t answer then we will get in trouble? :no_mouth: