Related Post Issue With Blogger Shortcode [Fix It!]


Hi Guys. From the days when @Mohammad had created a awesome plugin for blogger - Shortcodes, I am listening from some bloggers that their Blog is redirecting to a new page where only related post titles and images are showing. Nothing else. So, after some investigation, I found that shortcodes are disturbing Related Posts (I don’t know how. I even checked the whole javascript of shortcode but could not found) and so decided to fix this.

If you are also getting this type of issue, then kindly navigate here:

:link: Related Posts Issue With Blogger Shortcodes [Solved]

This problem will only occur with the blogs which have both, related posts and Shortcodes installed. Or if, you are thinking to add both of them in any of your blog, you can follow the above tutorial. I have taken permission from the creator, Mohammad too about sharing this fix of this issue.

Tags: @Hassan, @skvignesh Because these two guys had the same problem.


Thanks @Shivansh just checked it out today sorry for not being online


That one worked @Shivansh I am really thankful to you.


Welcome Hassan. :smile:

Keep smiling and happy.


Can You tell me how you solved it?

I am very curious what you edited in that ECMA? :slight_smile:


Well, firstly what is ECMA?

And, I just have moved related post widget from post area to outside post area. You can visit that post for more info and clear steps.


Hahaha! In my office no one says javascript. Actually javascript’s original name was ECMAScript


Okay, so I haven’t even touched the ECMASript. :smile: